BANGA is made of metal sheets between 0.45 and 0.6 mm thick (ZN-225 g/m2).

BANGA is highly resistant and combines it’s traditional look with modern technologies.

This model is our most demanded product. It’s pleasant look and shape makes it easy to handle and install.

Technical characteristics

Material Metal sheet zinc-plated on both sides and protected with a polyester coating
Thickness 0,45 – 0.6 mm
Total width 1180 mm
Usable width 1080 mm
Module length 350 / 400 mm
Weight per area ~ 5 kg / mp
Minimum slope 8° if no diagonal joints are necessary / 14° in the case of diagonal joints
Warranty 10 years for the color properties of the sheets made from German (Arcelor Mittal), Italian (Marcegaglia) or South Korean (Dongbu Steel) metal and 25 months for sheets made using Chinese metal.