Metal Shingles

Are you looking for a roof? Do you want to eliminate the problems created by the old roof or move to a new house and the need for a complete roof system brought you on our web page? You have reached the right place! Below are the strengths of BRAVO metal tile.

Lifespan. A metal tile roof, if assembled as recommended by the specialists, must have the same lifetime as the construction that it was mounted on, at least 50-60 years. The metal roofing is resistant to rain , wind, snow , mold, so that the metal roof tile will not be affected.

Weight. The strength and the light weight make the metal tiles to be the favorite competitor for the title of best covering. On a roof of 200 square meters, a weight of 1,000 kg will be put on it in the case of metallic tiles as opposed to the 10,000 kg in the case of the classic tile.

Tightness. The metal roofing modules grip system by overlap and securing with self-tapping screws ensure the perfect sealing and prevents water leaks under the covering.

Fire resistance. High degree of resistance to the propagation and spread of fire.

Aesthetics. The roof should highlight the beauty of the building. The metal tile roofing is the only solution that offers a wide range of colors, materials and forms, so it adapts and fits any type of construction and integrates with the style of the community to which belongs.

The metal tiles commonly known as metal tile sheet or simply, roof metal sheet, manages to incorporate these characteristics, as a product allowing complete freedom in choosing the colors and the finishes. Another important feature of metal roofing is that it allows installation on curved or very steep surfaces.

One can opt for a metal roofing: in classic and modern colors and shades, two variants of the final coating, glossy or matte layer and a wide range of finishing elements. All this for a nice and efficient roof and ready to provide protection for a long time

Material composition – layers system:

1. PVC protective film: thickness of 50-200 μm (order based application)

2. surface varnish: polyester (PE) 25 µm

3. base layer: polyester (PE) min. 5

4, 8. passivation layer

5, 7. zinc coating: 225 – 275 g/m2

6. steel sheet / aluminum sheet

9. base layer: polyester (PE) min 7 µm

10. damp proof layer (order based application)

Note: For aluminum sheet, layers 4, 5, 7, 8 are not valid.