Drainage Systems

The rainwater system referred to as controlled discharge stormwater system from the roof or rainwater collection and drainage system, as the name implies, is designed to take water from the roof and direct it to the sewer system.

BRAVO rainwater system is made of hot galvanized steel and protected on both sides with multi layers for a long service time. The mix of elements is simple, fast and efficient, does not allow water to run off the facade or infiltration in the foundation and walls of the house, thus protecting the whole building ensuring a higher lifetime.

Raw materials

The production of BRAVO system elements is based on the Swedish technology, since it uses the Swedish steel of the highest quality (0.6 mm), galvanized on both sides (275 g/sqm) and covered with Prelaq Nova (2×50 microns).

The Prelaq Nova layer confers products a special surface smoothness, high color stability and solid resistance to rainwater and atmospheric pollutants.

The five layers that confer and protect the metal band confer resistance to corrosion of each element and provide an extended lifespan. This is why BRAVO system provides long resistance guarantee over time and the only maintenance operation required is cleaning of the gutters.


* Colors may differ from monitor to monitor. To avoid any confusion ask the color palette from a BRAVO PROFIL representative.