It’s simple! Just BRAVO PROFIL provides you:


The quality of the final product depends primarily on the components used to make it. BRAVO PROFIL partners with the most experienced providers: Arcelor Holding (Germany), Marcegaglia (Italy), Dongbu Steel (Korea), Union Steel (Korea), Myriad (France).


Having 15 years of experience in the field, our professional team guarantees a high level of service, so that each customer will be satisfied with the result.


Prompt execution and delivery of goods within 12 hours. Free measurements, project design and delivery.


Old traditions and rich experience in the field enables us to manufacture products of a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.



Leaders in Republic of Moldova

BRAVO PROFIL (founded in 1999) is a leader in Republic of Moldova that operates in the field of producing METAL SHINGLES, PROFILED SHEETS, as well as metal roofing ACCESSORIES.

Traditions and rich experience in this field allows BRAVO PROFIL to manufacture products of a wide variety of types, colors and sizes.


Only at BRAVO PROFIL you can find the widest range of metal shingles and accessories